Ben Mallah Net Worth 2022

What is Ben Mallah net worth?

As of 2022 Ben Mallah, the Florida real estate tycoon, has a net worth of $250 million.

Networth:$250 Million
Known For:Real Estate Investing
Position:Real Estate Investor
Source of Wealth:Real Estate
Country:United States of America
Last Updated:04/2022


Who is Ben Mallah?

Ben Mallah is a businessman and real estate developer from Tampa, Florida. He is the founder and CEO of Ben Mallah Companies, a real estate development firm. In addition to his business ventures, Mallah is also a philanthropist and an active supporter of several charitable organizations. He has been recognized for his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Red Cross, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In 2006, Mallah was named the “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. He has also been honored with the “keys to the city” by both the Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the City of Tampa.

Ben Mallah has a YouTube channel, Ben Mallah, that has over four hundred thousand subscribers. The channel cover his life as a real estate mogul. His most viewed video “Car Pulled Over by Police Boat” has close to two million views.

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How Does Ben Mallah Make His Money?

Ben Mallah’s primary source of income remains the buying and selling of upscale real-estate properties in the United States. Mallah has been the CEO of Equity Management Partners Inc. for three decades. During his time as a successful entrepreneur, he has expanded his range of business to many different sectors that have contributed to his company’s success.

Mallah’s real-estate business involves buying run-down apartments from sellers across the prominent cities in the US. The company, in turn, renovates the apartments and sells them off at a profitable price. In addition, Ben’s company is famous for offering the best mega-real estate firms in the country, which are often valued at multimillion-dollar assets.

Outside of the company’s scope, Ben Mallah’s earnings also come from the hotel industry. Mallah happens to own a lot of renowned posh and upscale hotels in the city of Tampa, which contributes a lot to his million-dollar income. For the most part, real estate and the hospitality business are the primary sources of income for Ben Mallah.

How Did Ben Mallah Get So rich?

The story behind Ben Mallah’s astonishing rise to wealth is an enticing one. Contrary to the widespread perception that wealthy people are born into families with golden spoons, Ben had a childhood full of impediments and obstacles.

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Mallah’s rise to wealth is down to the different modes of business he built his career around. The first of the company entails buying and selling houses, where he tasted his first success in being an entrepreneur. Ben has been able to craft a masterful skill of investing in housing in a way that earned him profits in millions.

Another medium of business that earned Ben the key to becoming rich is the renovation business. Mallah has made a perfect business opportunity out of dilapidated houses in the US. By buying new housing structures and renovating old houses, he has expanded the range of his business.

The real-estate consultancy has been a significant source of earning across the US for a while now. While working on other real-estate ventures, Ben Mallah has seized the opportunity to open special consultancy services. His services offer proper guidance on property and construction management to the customers.

Last but not least, Mallah has investments in luxurious hotels and suites that have helped him accumulate wealth rapidly. As of 2022, Ben Mallah happens to be the owner of seven hotels in the United States that account for a large portion of his overall assets.

Ben Mallah’s Early Life

Ben’s story of becoming a successful entrepreneur started around 1987 when he came to work for a person named Mark Wilton. As Mark saw the immense potential in Bento to understand the intricacies of real estate, he put Ben in charge of overlooking many real-estate assets.

After getting the primary hang of this line of business, Mark made Mallah, a business partner at Marwell, where they started selling properties and splitting the profit. As Mallah demonstrated his business acumen and savvy moves, which garnered him the tag of a successful businessman, he was made CEO of Equity Management Partners Inc in 1990.

Ben Mallah’s Career

Due to his early life struggles, Ben was unable to continue his academics after high school. Afterwards, he was enlisted in the army at the age of 17. Ben often contributes his learnings of self-discipline to the time he served in the military. Mallah has accrued an estimated three million dollars in profit from his first deal alone at the Equity Management Partners. Over the next few years, he turned his company into one of the country’s best go-to mega real estate firms.

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Ever since Ben has gotten into the real-estate business, he has sold over 4000 units of property to the customers. In 2015, Ben sold properties worth 35 million Dollars, where he netted a profit of an estimated 19.25 million Dollars. Later in 2019, he also sold the Hawthorne Suites, priced at 14.4 million Dollars. In the recent few years, Ben has ventured into the hospitality business that helped swell his net worth to 250 million Dollars.

Favorite Quotes by Ben Mallah

Many Ben Mallah quotes are famous amongst the up-and-coming entrepreneurs who seek inspiration from Ben’s success. Here is a list of famous favorite quotes by Ben Mallah.

“In real estate, you have to exercise a limit of greed to protect you from a possible bleed.”

“Remember the Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.”

“Networking is a big part of it, you have to network.”

“Money, Power, Respect mean nothing if you are unable to enjoy them with the ones you love.”

“When the market is low, you buy the shit out of everything you can.”

What is Ben Mallah Doing Now, in 2022?

As of 2022, Ben Mallah is still managing his real-estate business in his CEO role at Equity Management Partners. Ever since the pandemic, Ben has had to sell hotels and properties worth millions of dollars to stop the bleeding his business was sustaining. These decisions have been necessary to keep business afloat and move forward.

What can you learn from Ben Mallah if You Want to Get Rich?

Like all successful entrepreneurs, Ben Mallah’s life story can teach everyone a whole lot about the ways to become rich. Ben Mallah has had to overcome many obstacles to find the success he is relishing today. The seeds he sowed have taken a lot of word work and dedication; therefore, what he has been reaping thus far has been all the more rewarding. The key takeaway that we all could take from Ben’s success is that it is vital to use your resources smartly and tactically to succeed in entrepreneurship. More importantly, there is no shortcut or workarounds to hard work. Perseverance and tenacity will always prevail if you are determined in your purpose and honest with your intentions.

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