Best Jobs for Hippies in 2022

Hippies are known for their love of nature, peace, and freedom. Likewise, hippie jobs involve working in the great outdoors or at least a job that lets you practice your bohemian lifestyle. If you’re looking to become a hippie but don’t know where to begin, these ten jobs will help you embrace your inner flower child.

These jobs have been per-screened as meeting the criteria of being a job that fits the profile of someone who is part of the counterculture movement and has an affinity with natural surroundings. If this sounds like you, check out these top 10 best jobs for hippies.


Organic Farmer

If growing your own food and being eco-friendly is high on your list of priorities, becoming an organic farmer might be your ideal job. Organic farmers grow crops without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Additionally, organic crops are not genetically modified. Most crops take a year to grow and are only harvested once. You’ll have to be patient and prepared to work long hours to reap the rewards.

Organic farmers typically earn between $19 and $48 per hour. The amount you earn will depend on the type of crops you decide to grow, your location, and the demand for organic produce in your area. Organic produce is more expensive than conventionally grown produce because it costs farmers more money to produce.

Outdoor Guide

Many jobs can be done in the great outdoors, such as leading hiking or wildlife tours. If you enjoy spending time in nature and have a passion for wildlife, becoming an outdoor guide could be a great way of making a living. To become a park ranger, you first need to get a bachelor’s degree since most entry-level park ranger positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. The good news is that most departments offer financial assistance to employees who want to earn their degrees.

Most outdoor guides earn between $9 and $19 per hour, but your salary can vary based on the job you choose. For example, if you choose to lead hiking tours, you’ll have to charge your customers more than you lead wildlife tours.

Environmental Educator

Becoming an environmental educator allows you to use your knowledge of the environment to inform others. This could be the perfect job if you are interested in biology and the environment and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others. Environmental educators come in all shapes and sizes. Some environmental educators are teachers who spend their days in front of the classroom, while others offer their services to private groups or organizations.

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While the hours that environmental educators work can vary, you can expect to work at least 35 hours per week. Environmental educators earn between $19 and $33 per hour. The amount you earn will depend on the type of environment you specialize in and where you choose to work.

Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager might be right up your alley if you have a way with words and a passion for new technologies. Social media managers are responsible for creating and posting content for their company’s social media platforms. Most social media managers work in an office, and in fact, most social media managers work from home. You’ll need a high-speed internet connection if you want to become a social media manager and choose to work from home.

Most social media managers earn between $26 and $50 per hour. To become a social media manager and earn the highest wages, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar field.

Yoga Instructor

If you love yoga and are passionate about sharing your knowledge and skills with others, becoming a yoga instructor might be the perfect job for you. Yoga instructors teach yoga classes to students of all skill levels. Most yoga instructors earn between $13 and $30 per hour, but they can earn more if they lead private lessons.

Most yoga instructors instruct classes in yoga studios. To become a yoga instructor, you’ll need to check with your state to ensure that you have the proper qualifications. In most states, yoga instructors either need a degree or a certification. If you have a degree in exercise science or a related field, you can become a yoga instructor by taking a yoga certification course.


If you have musical talent and love spending your days playing, writing, and recording music, becoming a musician could be the perfect career for you. Musicians create and perform music as a source of income. Most musicians either teach or play in a band. Becoming a musician is an excellent way to express yourself to the world and make enough money to live comfortably.

Musicians earn between $11 and $56 per hour. Most musicians earn between $11 and $28 per hour. If you want to earn more than this amount, you’ll need to have a degree in a music-related field.

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Travel Guide

Are you an expert at one specific thing? There may be a travel company looking to hire someone with your skill set. If you are an expert at something specific, such as the history of a certain place, you can become a travel guide for groups or individuals. Most travel guides work for prestigious tour companies. To become a travel guide, you’ll need to apply for a position with one of these companies.

Travel guides earn between $18 and $50 per hour. The amount you earn will depend on the type of tour you lead and your experience as a travel guide.

Park Ranger

Becoming a park ranger might be the right job if you have a passion for nature and love working in or near it. Park rangers work in parks and national monuments. Most park rangers work 40 hours per week or more but earn a good income. Park rangers earn between $12 and $37 per hour, with the majority of rangers earning between $18 and $28 per hour.

To become a park ranger, you’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree in ecology, biology, or a related field. Once you have your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to apply for a park ranger position and pass a series of tests.

Animal Trainer

If you are a natural with animals and have a high tolerance for being around them, becoming a trainer could be the perfect job. Animal trainers train animals for a variety of different reasons. Some trainers train animals for law enforcement, and others train animals for entertainment. Most animal trainers work full-time, but there are also part-time positions.

To become a trainer, you’ll need to get some experience by volunteering at a local zoo or farm. Animal trainers earn between $17 and $65 per hour. The amount you earn will depend on your experience and the type of animals you choose to train.

Web Developer 

A web developer is responsible for the coding, designing, and building a website according to a company or client’s specifications. They may also be required to create and maintain software applications. A web developer typically earns a median salary of $69,430 per year.

Closing Thoughts

These are the best jobs for hippies. If you are a hippie at heart, you will love these jobs because they allow you to be outside and enjoy nature. You can earn a good living while having the freedom to live a bohemian lifestyle.