Graham Stephan Net Worth in 2022

What is Graham Stephan net worth?

As of 2022, Graham Stephan has a net worth of $22,000,000.

Networth:$22 Million
Known For:Graham Stephan Youtube Channel
Source of Wealth:Real Estate
Country:United States of America
Last Updated:04/2022


Who is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan is an experienced realtor, real estate investor, and YouTuber. In 2021 Graham Stephan made over six million dollars through his multiple revenue streams. His main YouTube channel, Graham Stephan, has over three hundred million subscribers. He primarily deals with the subject of financial literacy. His most viewed video “How I bought a Tesla for $78 Per Month” has eight million views.

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How much money does Graham Stephan make a year?

Graham Stephan is said to make a seven-figure income between all his income streams. On his main YouTube channel, he has over 3 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over 300 million times. His estimated yearly socialblade revenue is $21,000 – $342,700 for his main channel. He definitely makes the higher range of those numbers from YouTube ads. Graham also has a variety of sponsorships on his channel and still earns revenue from his real estate rental properties. In 2021 he publicly reported that he made above six million dollars throughout all his income streams.

How does Graham Stephan make his money?

Graham Stephan owns several properties that he rents out and runs a popular YouTube channel discussing personal finance and investment strategies. Graham Stephan’s primary source of income is the revenue he brings in through his YouTube channels. The income he brings in is a mix of ad revenue and sponsorships. In the past, his main source of income was through his real estate rental properties. But at this point, his income from renting is just a cherry on top of his YouTube income sundae.

How did Graham Stephan get so rich? 

Graham Stephan built up most of his wealth through investing in real estate in 2012. He was able to buy relatively cheap properties in LA, California, due to the 2009 financial crisis. Once he purchased these properties, he rented them out for passive income while still working as a real estate agent. Soon after, he started working on his YouTube channel while working as an agent. Graham would record his first videos during his downtime at the Oppenheim group until he could get a proper setup.

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Graham Stephan Investment Portfolio

Investment Type Year 2021 Estimated Value
Investment Property 12012$380,000
Investment Property 22012$380,000
Investment Property 32016$460,000
Investment Property 42017$1,450,000
Investment Property 52018$1,350,000
Investment Property 62020$1,175,000
Investment Property 72020$2,500,000
Angel Investing2021$3,000,000
Crypto Assets2021$1,000,000

Real Estate Rental Properties

In November 2021, Graham Stephan publicly shared his investment portfolio in a video Revealing My Entire $20 Million Dollar Portfolio. He purchased his first investment property at the age of 21. This was a single-family property in San Bernardino, California, that was valued at $59,000 and now is valued at $380,000. His second property was purchased at $72,000 in the same area and is now valued at $380,000. Fun fact the second property has the same tenant since it was put up for rent. Graham has never raised the rent for this tenant. His third property was a three-unit triplex that was purchased at $125,000 in the same year. That property is currently valued at $460,000.

In 2016 Graham purchased his fourth property for $780,000. This rental is rented out for $4,000 a month in Los Angeles, California. Due to high demand in that area, the value of this property has grown up to $1,450,000. A year later, he purchased a duplex for $580,000 in the same area. Where he lived for a short period of time while renting out a part of the property. It’s now estimated to valued at $1,350,000 and rents for $6,000 a month.

Graham purchased his sixth property in 2018 for $835,000. This property was another duplex in mid-city Los Angeles, valued at $1,175,000. Graham’s most recent investment property was another duplex in the same area in 2020. He purchased this property for $2,100,000, which he stated had an emotional factor. This property resides on the same street where he spent his childhood, but back then, those homes were around $350,000.

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Portfolio Diversification

Graham began diversifying his investment portfolio in early 2020. He initially started investing in the stock market by purchasing a mix of SP500 and undervalued stocks. He buys his stocks on various platforms like M1 Fiances, Acorns, and Public. His current stock portfolio is valued at $7,000,000.

The second way Graham has been diversifying his portfolio is by being an Angel Investor. He spent approximately $3,000,000 across multiple companies. These companies include Yotta Bank, Public, Creative Juice, and more. Graham also has his own coffee company called Bank Roll Coffee.

Graham has also diversified his portfolio by putting less than 5% of his net worth into cryptocurrencies. Currently, he owns $1,000,000 worth of Crypto, mixed between Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Finally, Graham holds around $3,200,000 in cash spread across multiple bank accounts, readily available if a suitable opportunity arises.

What is Graham Stephan doing now 2022?

Currently, Graham is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and working on his four YouTube channels. Graham Stephan, The Graham Stephan Show, The Ice Coffee Hour, and Graham Stephan After Hours. He also does a weekly show called Millennial Money with Andrei Jikh, Jeremy Lefebvre, and Meet Kevin. Graham has stated that he has stopped investing in real estate for the time being to focus on creating more content for his various channels.

What can you learn from Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan often notes that his success was based on three key factors. His enjoyment in his work, putting in the long hours, and his frugality. Graham started working when he was eighteen as a real estate agent once he realized that he was not going to college. He would put in long hours and be available any time an opportunity would come up during that time. He exchanged partying on the weekends with showcasing open houses and growing his professional network. The key takeaway is that Graham initially worked in a position where he could earn an extremely high income. But he did have to put in the work and the time to make it happen.

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