Humbled Trader Net Worth in 2022

As of 2022 Humbled Trader has a net worth of $5 million.

Humbled Trader has been day trading for about eight years, and her journey has been nothing but inspirational. Like most traders at the beginning, she lost a lot of money and felt the urge to call it quits, but she kept going. Today, Shay, or as she is popularly known, Humbled Trader, is one of the most prominent traders in the industry.

This brief exposé will give you insights into her life, how she achieved a godlike status in trading, what she did previously, and nuggets you can learn from her. Ready? Let’s go!

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Who is Humbled Trader?

Shay, more commonly known as the Humbled Trader, is a successful day trader with over 900k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She fell in love with day trading after leaving the film and VFX industry, which she found to be both time-consuming and draining.

Shay attributes her success to understanding psychology, trading price action (not patterns), and following a structured risk management system. Despite having many failures along the way, she persisted and eventually learned how to trade without losing most of the time.

She is a full-time trader working from home and living her best life. When she is not behind the screen trading currencies, she’s creating educational videos for her teeming YouTube fans. She also enjoys snowboarding in winter and hiking and kayaking in summer.

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How Did Humbled Trader Get So Rich?

Humbled Trader has made most of her fortune through trading and investments, but she also earns money from monetized social channels like YouTube.

Humbled Trader also makes a chunk of money from her membership subscription, which is live on her website. The academy gives access to people to learn how to day-trade like Shay and connect with other traders.

She also recommends trading tools on her website with embedded affiliate links, so it’s safe to say she makes some affiliate income.

What is Humbled Trader Doing Now in 2022?

Shay is a day trader, and that’s what she does full-time; however, she’s also active on YouTube, sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials for beginners and advanced traders. Two things we noticed and liked about the channel are that she does live trading and vlogging.

So, you can see what she’s doing in real-time and learn about other aspects of her life. Humbled Trader occasionally meets with her fans and community members to hang out, connect, and share ideas.

What Can You Learn From Humbled Trader?

There are a few things you can learn from Shay.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

This is probably the most important lesson Shay has for beginners. In trading, there is no substitute for experience; the only way to get better at trading is by practicing and learning from your mistakes.

Have a Plan and Risk Management Strategy

It is crucial to have a plan before entering any trade. You need to know your entry and exit points and how much you are willing to risk. This will help you avoid impulsive decisions that can lead to considerable losses.

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There’s more, but we’ll leave you with this line from her website: “it’s not about how much money you make in day trading, but about how little you lose.” Don’t let a few losses discourage you; you can be like Shay if you are willing to do the work.