Jeremy Lefebvre Net Worth in 2022

What is Jeremy Lefebvre net worth?

As of 2022 Jeremy Lefebvre, the stock market education wizard, has a net worth that is $15,000,000.

Networth:$15 Million
Known For:Financial Education Youtube Channel
Source of Wealth:Stock Market
Country:United States of America
Last Updated:06/2022


Who is Jeremy Lefebvre?

Jeremy Lefebvre is a stock market investor and YouTuber. His main YouTube channel, Financial Education, has over seven hundred thousand subscribers. He primarily deals with educating his users on the stock market. His most viewed video “Stock Market For Beginners 2019” has close to one million views.

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What is Jeremy Lefebvre known for?

Jeremy Lefebvre is a popular YouTuber known for his financial educational videos on the stock market. He has received comments for his clear and concise explanations, as well as his ability to make complex topics accessible to a wide audience.

How much does Jeremy Lefebvre make a year?

Jermey Lefebvre makes between $9,800 to $158,000 per year on his main YouTube channel, per socialblade. Jermey most likely makes more with affiliate deals and his stock market earnings. In late 2020 he publicly posted that he made close to $600,000 in ad revenue between two of his channels.

Jeremy Lefebvre Youtube Earnings
Screenshot of Jeremy Lefebvre displaying his 2020 Youtube earnings.

How did Jeremy Lefebvre get so rich?

Jeremy Lefebvre built up most of his wealth through investing in the stock market and his YouTube channel.

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What is Jeremy Lefebvre doing now in 2022?

Currently, Jeremy is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and working on his three YouTube channels. Financial Education, Financial Education 2, and Jeremy Lefebvre. When he is not working on his youtube channels, Jeremy is growing his app. He also does a weekly show called Millennial Money with Graham Stephan, Andrei Jikh, and Meet Kevin.

What can you learn from Jeremy Lefebvre?

Jeremy Lefebvre often notes that his success on being consistent in a high income position and investing in stocks. He often states that his made job has always been investing in the stock market over the past 10 years. Even while he was working at Einstein Bagels, Walgreens, and QuikTrip.

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