Johnny Harris Net Worth in 2022

As of 2022 John Harris , the YouTube journalist, has a net worth of $5,000,000.

Johnny Harris is a YouTuber and social media influencer famous for producing cinematic videos that break down complex subjects. He is the host and producer of the Borders series on Vox–a piece of liberal news and opinion website. Because of his unique content, Harris has grown his YouTube channel to 2.85 million subscribers with over 200 million views.

This article will explore more about Johnny Harris, including his background, personal life, and net worth.

Let’s dive in!

Who is Johnny Harris?

Johnny Harris (born on 28 May 1988) is a filmmaker, journalist, and YouTuber based in Washington, DC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from Brigham Young University and has worked as an independent journalist.

Between 2017 and 2019, he served as Senior Video Producer at Vox, where he produced Vox Borders–a documentary short film series about socio-political issues. Since the cancellation of the series, Johnny has been working on his self-titled YouTube channel and launched his first video, “How I Got My Start in Video, “in 2019.

Since then, he has produced high-quality documentary-style videos that address issues like travel, health, politics, and bread–yes, bread!

His talent for creating educational and informative videos has attracted more than 200 million views on his YouTube channel. His Instagram, where he shares pictures from discoveries and travels, also has 197,000 followers.

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He is married to Isabel Harris, who, like Harris, grew up as a Mormon. However, the couple has since abandoned the religion.

How did Johnny Harris Get So Rich?

The YouTuber started building wealth from his life as an independent journalist. However, today, most of his earnings come from his career as a YouTuber and Social media influencer.

He earns around $1000-$2000 daily from YouTube, which would round up to over $700,000 yearly. In addition, Harris partners with different brands on his Instagram and YouTube. While we can’t speculate the amount he earns from these partnerships, each deal should be worth thousands of dollars.

He has partnered with brands including Skill Share, Travel Alberta, and Morning Brew.

What is Johnny Harris Doing Now in 2022?

Harris is still uploading videos containing well-researched information about different subjects. His recent videos revolve around politics, technology, and travel.

What Can You Learn From Johnny Harris?

If you are a creator, there are a lot of lessons to learn from Johnny Harris. First, he knew what he wanted, mastered it, and became successful by implementing his learnings.

Second, Johnny has never compromised the quality of his content, which shows that quality and consistency are the recipes to success as a creator.

Here are some other lessons you can learn from Johnny Harris:

  • Create Unique Content: It is easier to do what everyone does and get some traction, but the goldmine is in being unique.
  • Infuse personality: Johnny’s YouTube videos show off his quirky personality. Many people are drawn to his content because he puts much of himself into it. Nobody can be you, so let your personality shine.
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Success does not happen overnight; it results from giving your best at all times. So keep putting yourself out there and work hard because, in the end, it will pay off.