Meet Kevin Net Worth in 2022

What is Meet Kevin net worth?

Networth:$42 Million
Known For:Meet Kevin Youtube Channel
Source of Wealth:Real Estate
Country:United States of America
Last Updated:04/2022


Who is Meet Kevin?

Kevin Paffrath (Meet Kevin) is an experienced realtor, real estate investor, and YouTuber. In 2021 Kevin made an estimated seven-figure income through all his revenue streams. His main YouTube channel, Meet Kevin, has over one million subscribers. He primarily deals with the subject of building wealth through real estate and the stock market. His most viewed video, “How to Buy Your First Rental Property (Noob vs Pro)” has close to two million views.

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How much money does Meet Kevin make a year?

Meet Kevin is said to make a seven-figure income between all his income streams. On his main YouTube channel, he has over one million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over four hundred million times. His estimated yearly SocialBlade revenue is between $27,400 and $438,200 for his main channel. He definitely makes the higher range of those numbers from YouTube ads. Kevin also has a variety of sponsorships on his channel and still earns revenue from his real estate rental properties. In 2020 he publicly reported that he made above six million dollars throughout all his income streams.

How does Meet Kevin make his money?

Kevin makes money in a variety of ways. He owns several real estate properties that he rents out, and he runs a popular YouTube channel. On the channel, he talks about real estate, personal finance, and investment strategies. Kevin’s primary source of income is the revenue he generates through his YouTube channel. The income he brings in is a mix of ad revenue and sponsorships. He also has three courses where he teaches people how to invest in real estate, how to sell, and how to invest in the stock market. In the past, his main source of income was through his real estate rental properties. But at this point, his YouTube income far surpasses that.

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How did Meet Kevin get so rich?

Real Estate

Kevin Paffrath built up most of his wealth by investing in real estate and the stock market. In 2009 Kevin purchased his first property with his wife at the age of 19 while working as a real estate agent. He was able to do this by finding a “wedge deal” (an undervalued property that needs renovations) and having a family member co-sign the mortgage on the property. Kevin and his wife worked together to renovate this property and made it their primary residence while searching for their next deal.

They secured their next property for $384,000 through a personal connection with Kevin’s wife. Homes in this area were going for $500,000, qualifying this property as a wedge deal in their books. They could afford this property by refinancing their first home and putting down a $100,000 down payment. After finishing light renovations, they rented this property out. From then on, they will continue to repeat the process to help them build up their current portfolio of twenty-five properties in southern California.


Kevin Paffrath started on YouTube in 2014 but did not take it seriously until 2018. He gained a large number of views by creating videos that “exposed” Grant Cardone. The most viewed video, “Grant Cardone & Cardone Capital Exposed,” was released in 2018 and currently has one point eight million views. From that point, he would focus on making content that covered real estate and finance. In 2020 his channel, Meet Kevin, experienced record high growth due to his daily coverage of the stimulus checks and stimulus packages. He obtained 311,000 subscribers and 52,000,000 video views between April and May of 2020. At one point, he appeared on the most trending channels list on YouTube. He is able to generate ad revenue from all those views and get sponsorship deals. Kevin also has a few self-made courses that he frequently mentions in his videos.

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Meet Kevin Investment Portfolio

Investment Type Year 2021 Estimated Value
All Investment Properties (25)2021$9,615,000 (Net Value)
Stocks 2021$28,800,000
Stock Options2021$1,200,000
Crypto Assets2021$2,250,000
Other 2021$947,000

Real Estate Portfolio

Kevin currently owns twenty-five investment properties, which all reside in southern California. The total estimated value for these properties is twenty million dollars. He still carries an estimated twelve million dollars of debt on these properties, which brings the net value of these properties to an estimated ten million dollars. 

Stocks and Crypto

Kevin owns an estimated twenty-eight million dollars in stocks and two million in stock options. His stock portfolio is made up of companies Alphabet, Tesla, Enphase, Matterport, and more. His portfolio leans heavily on tech stocks. Kevin also has an estimated two million dollars in crypto assets.

What is Meet Kevin doing now 2022?

Currently, Kevin is residing in Ventura, California, with his wife and kids. He now creates more videos on his main YouTube channel that cover the stock market and overall economics instead of just real estate. He has also expanded into three new channels, Meet Crypto, Meet Kevin Report, and Meet Tech. For a brief time, he was on the Millennial Money show with Graham Stephan, Andrei Jikh, and Jeremy Lefebvre.

What can you learn from Meet Kevin?

Meet Kevin often notes his success through working hard in a high-income position. And his ability to find wedge deals in real estate investing.

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