Summit1g Net Worth in 2022

As of 2022 Summit1g , the twitch streaming legend, has a net worth of $10,000,000.

Who Is Summit1g?

35-year-old Summit1g is often referred to as a stalwart of Twitch — thanks to his eight years of online streaming. The Twitch personality discovered his interest in gaming at a young age and opened his first Twitch account in 2011. He, however, started streaming in December of 2013.

Summit1g has since garnered a loyal audience thanks to his skillful gameplay. In 2017, he surpassed Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell in followership and became Twitch’s most followed individual streamer. In January 2018, the channel surpassed Riot Games to become the most followed account on the platform. Though he currently ranks 23rd on Twitch, Summit1g’s fan base remains strong and active.

Summit’s entertaining personality has also helped him gain decent followership on YouTube. He posts highlights from his streams and has attracted 711K subscribers.

How Did Summit1g Become So Rich?

Summit1g makes money through Twitch subscribers, donations, ad revenue, partnerships, and sponsorship deals.

His Twitch channel has 6.1 million followers with more than 38,000 subscribers. Assuming he earns $2 per subscriber on his channel, it will add up to $76,000 per month. He also makes an income from Twitch partnership and Affiliate, which earns him up to 50% of the total subscription fee. His fans can also donate to his channel through Paypal or cryptocurrency.

Summit1g’s YouTube channel has over 125 million views, and he earns thousands of dollars from monetized views every month. He also has sponsorship deals with companies like Monster, Cyberpower PC, G-fuel, etc.

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Summit1g has an estimated net worth of $3-$8 million as of 2022.

What is Summit1g Doing Now in 2022?

Summit has stayed true to his passion for gaming and online streaming. He continues to stream on his Twitch channel and upload his streaming highlights to YouTube.

What Can You Learn From Summit1g?

As a gamer who has made a name for himself, Summit1g demonstrates that following your passion, whatever it is, pays off. Here are three lessons you can learn from him:

  • Consistency: Many Twitch users comment on Summit1g’s level of consistency. In an interview, Dr. Disrespect, the 2019 Esports Awards Streamer of the Year, attested to Summit1g’s blend of style and regularity.
  • A welcoming personality: Summit1g’s upbeat attitude has attracted a lot of loyal fans, who respect and love him.
  • Skill: Summit1g’s gaming skill is undisputed, so thousands of subscribers watch him daily. Keep honing your skills and pursuing your dreams; success will be inevitable.

If you keep up the grind, you will eventually hit your goals, like Summit1g. And it helps to have a unique personality that defines your brand and endears people to you.