Tony Beets Net Worth in 2022

What is Tony Beets Net Worth?

Known For:Gold Mining & Reality TV Show Star
Position:Gold Miner
Estimated Gold Mining Earnings N/A
Country:Canada & Netherlands
Last Updated:05/2022


Like many successful people today, Tony Beets had to work assiduously to make it to the top of his field. He has worked several jobs in his life to make ends meet and advance his career.

Beets has done everything from being a farmer to working on construction sites, operating machines, and working on oil pipelines. And one thing is clear from his years of experience – this man is dedicated to his work, a quality that has helped him build a thriving gold mining business.

Who is Tony Beets?

Tony Beets is a Dutch gold miner and a successful one at that. He has been mining gold since 1984 and has been on the Discovery channel’s Gold Rush since 2010 (season 2). Many people consider Tony Beets a gold mining legend, having run successful mining operations for years and digging up gold worth millions of dollars each year. Tony is married to Minnie, and they have four children.

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What is Tony Beets known for?

Tony Beets is best known for his largely successful mining operations at Indian River and Klondike, which have gained worldwide attention through the reality show Gold Rush. Beets is also an astute businessman with significant knowledge about the mining business. Members of the Gold Rush crew and Beets’ employees can attest to this. Tony Beets is also known for his frequent swear words, which are censored on Gold Rush.

How much does Tony Beets make from Gold Mining?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because it is difficult to tell. While we know that Tony Beets’ crew discovers a few thousand ounces of gold each year, which should amount to a couple million dollars, nobody can say how much Beets takes home.

Like any business, the crew has a share in whatever comes in; labor costs for the local miners, machine costs, and other related expenses take a chunk of the revenue. We can, however, confirm that after years of successful mine operations, Beets has a net worth of $15 million.

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How much does Tony Beets get paid per episode of Gold Rush?

In addition to the millions of dollars Beets earns from his mining operations every year, he earns $25,000 per episode on Discovery’s Gold Rush. Tony Beets is not only the most popular character on the show, but he is also the highest earner, and it’s not difficult to see why. He plays a leadership role and brings decades of experience and expertise no one else can boast of.

Tony Beets Early Life

Tony Beets was born in Wijdenes, Netherlands, in 1959 to Klaun and Magda Beets. His family moved to Canada when he was seven, and they had a farm where Tony worked. Shortly after his dad passed on, he became the owner of the family farm and a boss to the employees at a young age. Becoming a boss at a tender age inspired Beets to prove his mettle through hard work and dedication, which has aided his successful career.

Tony Beets met his wife Minnie when they were both very young and have had a long friendship. They finally tied the knot in 1984 in their 20s and have four children, Monica, Bianca, Kevin, and Michael. The power couple lives in their Arizona home.

Tony Beets Career

Tony Beets is a go-getter. He’s worked several jobs in different fields, but gold mining is his most successful endeavor. He began gold prospecting in 1984 when he got a job at a Yukon gold mine, from where he would later begin his operations and grow one of the biggest mining operations in Canada.

Tony Beets’ gold mining operations also launched him to TV, featuring on the series Gold Rush. Since joining the show in 2010, Beets’ legendary status has grown even more, with a global audience watching it happen. He owns several assets, including the Tamarack Mine, a floating industrial dredge, and hires a lot of local miners.

Tony Beets Quotes

Here are some Tony Beets quotes you may find interesting:

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“You cannot watch the parade and drive in it at the same time.”

“If that’s the card you’re dealt, that’s the card you play.”

“There are three types of people: The ones who make things happen. The ones who wait for things to happen, and the ones who wonder what the hell just happened.”

What is Tony Beets Doing now in 2022?

Tony Beets is still a gold miner and works with his crew in the Klondike region. He runs the day-to-day at his million-dollar gold mining company and continues to enjoy his legendary status in gold mining.

What can you learn from Tony Beets?

You can learn several lessons from Tony Beets’ life and career and apply these lessons to your life. If Tony could become one of Canada’s top gold miners, you can succeed in your chosen field.

One lesson is not to despise small or humble beginnings. Beets started his career milking cows for a living. He may not have had his eyes set on gold mining at the time, but he wasn’t going to sit back and do nothing. Plus, he wasn’t up to seven when he started working, and it goes to show that starting at a young age can set you up for success as you learn critical life skills early.

Another notable lesson from Beet’s life is his passion for gold mining. His commitment to his work is noticeable in his company management and operations. Yes, his passion sometimes makes him sanction illegal actions, like when his crew poured gasoline into a nearby dredge pond, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

In a nutshell, Tony Beets is a great guy with a great and inspiring life. Whether it is your dream to become a gold miner or pursue another field, you can achieve success if you put your heart into it and stay consistent. Beets has stayed true to his passion and is a legend today. As Beets said, decide to be in the category of people who make things happen, not the other two types of people.