Wall Street Trapper Net Worth in 2022

As of 2022, Wall Street Trapper has a networth of $7 million.

Leon Howard commonly referred to as the “Wall Street Trapper,” is the founder of From The Trap To Wall Street—a movement shaping the financial mindset of African Americans.

Although Howard spent his early life in prison, he turned his situation around and continues to use his experience to help others learn about financial freedom. Today, he has attracted an audience of over one million people across his social media accounts.

  • 326,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • 64,500 followers on Twitter
  • 1,000,000 followers on Instagram
  • and has over 78,000 followers on TikTok.

Want to know more about the Wall Street Trapper? Read more about his early life, how he amassed wealth, and what he is doing now.

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Who is Wall Street Trapper?

The Wall Street Trapper was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 9, 1962, to a small family. His life changed, however, when he was convicted of a murder-related charge during his teen years.

Although he spent a decade locked up in jail, he did not let those years go to waste. Howard devoted his time to learning about the stock market, the concept of investing, business building, and achieving financial freedom.

After regaining freedom, he continued his business pursuits with the knowledge he had gained behind bars.

His first job was as an ironworker, earning a decent income. However, rather than spending his earnings on personal needs alone, he invested 70% in stocks. It was not an easy start, but Howard later switched careers and became an entrepreneur and investor.

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A few years later, he established his own business, From The Trap To Wall Street, to teach African-Americans about financial literacy.

The term “from the trap” refers to the wrong mindset created by a background of illegalities and injustices. The movement generally signifies the escape from an old and limited mindset to a new way of life, adapting to new surroundings and mindset. Leon Howard has been successful with this initiative.

In 2018, he created a self-titled YouTube channel that aims to reach a larger audience. The entrepreneur also has a website, WallStreetTrapper.com, where he sells merchandise, e-books, and digital courses.

How Did Wall Street Trapper Get So Rich?

Howard has always advocated investing in profitable stocks, and that’s likely where he earns most of his income. The entrepreneur invests in tech companies, such as Google and Apple, which are stable stocks.

In addition, thanks to his brand and YouTube channel, he earns from brand deals, YouTube ad revenues, merchandise, and digital courses. Wall Street Trapper has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2022.

What is Wall Street Trapper Doing Now in 2022?

Leon Howard has continued his career as a stock investor and financial advisor. And he plans to continue working as a financial advisor for many years to come, helping his clients navigate the ever-changing world of finance.

Looking to the future, Howard is optimistic about the prospects for the stock market, and he believes there are still plenty of opportunities for investors to make money. He is also active on his YouTube channel and Instagram, where he dispenses knowledge on the subject.

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What Can You Learn From Leon Howard?

Leon Howard is not a stranger to the difficulties of street life. He lost his mom at a young age, and before he became an adult, he was serving jail time. But despite the difficulties in his life, Howard persisted and managed to turn the situation around.

During his time in prison, he deepened his knowledge of the financial industry and emerged as one of the most sought-after in the industry.

His success is a reminder that, no matter what, if you work hard and stay true to yourself, you will become successful and a reference point for others.